Arron Foster received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and Art Education from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC and his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and Book Arts from the University of Georgia, Athens Georgia. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and held academic appointments at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia and Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Arron currently resides in Kent, Ohio.

Artist Statement

Through my studio practice, I ask how our perception and experience of place is mediated by time, change and memory and how these elements play out and unfold across different scales as we attempt to make sense of change.  As an artist I am continually reacting to my personal context_ socially, historically and creatively. For me, geographical places and their physical features are sites of memory and the landscape operates as a storehouse for collective memory, which creates bonds between place and identity that continually exert an influence on my work.

Much of my work exploits an underlying geometry that defines its equilibrium and provides a basis upon which to center and shift forms. Forms, themselves are presented as isolated or decontextualized symbols of an incomplete past awaiting completion by the viewer. Grids, where used,  act as a silent partner, providing support where needed and conveying both a sense of solidity and transparency in an effort to define space, time and matter. Multiplicity and repetition are used to reinforce the experience of time passing, wherein the multiple, in its many forms, echos our varying perception and memories of time and space while congruently creating new experiences and again transforming our memories across time.

Each project or series that I undertake is arrived at through an intuitive, research based approach to observing, studying, and documenting specific locations with the hope of creating a dialogue between myself and the viewer that provides an opportunity for shared exploration and interpretation of places.